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Team pangaea

A fantastic team of devs from 6 different countries.

Main Roles : 

  • Project Manager: Carmine Carpino

  • Gameplay Programmer: Beren Kusmenoglu

  • System and Level Designer: Salim Ali

  • Character Artist: Xiaowen Lin

  • Network and UI Programmer: Ross Metcalf

  • Environment and Technical Artist: Daniel Orozco

UnincrediBall is a 3rd person sports-brawler game for the PC that uses a cartoon art style. The players play as reject superheroes with bizarre abilities, like throwing bubble gum, or creating a shield made out of french fries. They must use these abilities to maneuver a giant soccer ball into the opposing team's net to score goals. 



"Best goddamn game in the world."

May 12, 2017

A Team Pangaea Game.


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